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Aerix Nano Drone for Beginners

$75.00 $45.00


Product Description

Aerix Nano Drone™ for Beginners – designed to be stable, forgiving and fun.

Perfect quadcopter for learning to fly!


The Next Big Thing is Really, Really, Small.

Aerix Drones™ of Rochester, NY (a division of Morrison Innovations) is proud to introduce the Aerix Nano Drone™ for Beginners, featuring a bevy of technical and design improvements over the original CX-10 series quadcopters, including:

  • Built-in side and top impact guards to help prevent blade damage
  • Landing Skids that help keep the rotors off the ground and carpet
  • 3-Speed calibration that provides smoother lift and maneuverability
  • Improved 6-Axis Stabilization for better hovering capability
  • Hard sided packaging that doubles as a protective storage and travel case
  • Easy to read and comprehend instruction manual (written in real English!)

We have designed the perfect learner drone that will save you thousands of dollars while you perfect the mechanics of quadcopter flight before moving onto larger, more expensive equipment.


The built-in Aerix Nano Drone™ software is much more forgiving than a costly machine yet designed to function the same way, allowing you to master the basic techniques on a smaller, safer scale.

With the 6-Axis stabilization, you can hover easily and not have to worry about over compensating all of the time (that means no more “pogo-sticking” with your quadcopter too).

The 3-Speed Calibration allows us to create a phase for each learning process:

  • The low-speed is designed to practice lifting off, trim, hovering and landing.
  • The mid-speed is designed to practice rotation and directional movement.
  • The hi-speed is designed for full flight functionality, including 4-direction flips.


One of the main features that makes the Aerix Nano Drone™ better than the competition is the use of built-in flight protection, making it the most beginner-friendly Nano Drone™ on the market.

Blade Guards:

The Aerix Nano Drone™ features a patent pending blade guard design that allows for gentle mistakes to be made against the ceiling and even walls without causing much damage or loss of flight time.

Axis Nano Drone Blade Guards

We found that a crash with the CX-10 could scatter all four blades across the room.

While, it was preferable that the blades popped off to prevent permanent breakage, it made sense to avoid that issue in the first place…hence the collision guard that limits having to re-install the blades.

Landing Skids:

The patent pending design also includes removable landing skids which keep the motors off of the surface below.

Axis Nano Drone Landing Skids

The landing skids help to prevent the Aerix Nano Drone™ from becoming tangled in carpet, pet hair or other debris found on the floor or ground, which would damage the blades and motor.

Ready to Fly:

Each AerixNano Drone™ comes fully assembled and ready to fly after a short 15-20 minute USB charge and adding the required (but not included) 2-AAA batteries to the remote control.

Axis Nano Drone Includes

Each Aerix Nano Drone™ comes with the Drone itself, a 2.4gHz remote controller, a USB charging cable and one spare set of blades.

Color Options:

Axis Nano Drone Black

Axis Nano Drone Orange

Axis Nano Drone Green

Axis Nano Drone White

Tech Specs:

Axis Nano Drone Tech Specs


The previous packaging as well as most drone packaging is simple, yet disposable.

No one wants to store the charging cable and extra blades in a ziploc bag…it was a simple “A-ha” moment when our customer feedback dictated that we upgrade the packaging to be reusable and recyclable.

Axis Nano Drone Packaging

Now the packaging even doubles as a permanent storage or carrying case!

Instructions (RTFM?):

While you can fly from the get-go, some of us might be better off reading the manual at least once to answer any questions. The instructions are clear and much easier to follow.

Yeah, we might have dropped the ball on this one before, but you reminded us that sometimes simpler is better when it comes to teaching first time flyers how to control their drones.

The Impact:

Our plan is to create an entire line of easy to fly, fun to learn and affordable Quadrocopters – ranging in size from the tiny Aerix Nano Drone ™ up to a full-size RC Quadcopter with an on board camera.

Starting with the Aerix Nano Drone ™, there are a few key features that make it much easier for you to learn to fly (and more fun), especially if you’ve never flown a quadcopter before.

Additional Information

Weight 12 oz

Black, Blue, Orange, White, Green

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