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Klick Stylus Slim – Ballpoint Pen and Touchscreen Stylus

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Product Description

The NEW Klick Stylus Slim Pen allows users to transition seamlessly from digital to analog use with a single “Klick,” providing a smooth ballpoint pen tip for writing on paper, which then retracts directly through the capacitive stylus tip for resuming touchscreen use.

Great for use on iPads, iPhones, Smartphones, Tablets, Touchscreen Computers and More!

Note: Users with thick screen protectors, like the Zagg or heavy duty cases that cover the screen, like the LifeProof and OtterBox cases, may experience decreased responsiveness when using the touchscreen stylus with those products.

ON SALE NOW: $2 each or 5-pack for $6!!

The Klick Stylus and Klick Stylus Slim received 4 out of 5 Apples from Apple Tell Magazine!

4 out of 5 apples

After the successful funding of our Original Klick Stylus Pen on Kickstarter we have compiled all of the amazing feedback from our backers to release a new and improved version…Introducing The Klick Stylus Slim.

Klick Stylus Slim Color Assortment

The Klick Stylus Slim combines a small and responsive touchscreen stylus tip and a retractable ballpoint pen on the same end of the device, allowing for a seamless transition from digital to analog use.

Klick Stylus Slim Digital and Analog Pen

The small, 5mm stylus tip, works on most capacitive touchscreen devices including; smartphones, tablets, touchscreen computers and more.

Changes and updates to the design consist of the following:

Black Klick Stylus Pen Size Comparison

  • Slimmer, Contoured & Lighter Weight Uni-body construction
  • Solid unit, durable plastic clip (replacing the metal clip mounted to plastic)
  • Redesigned stylus tip (more responsive with less pressure required)
  • PLEASE NOTE: Users with extremely thick screen protectors or cases that cover the screen may experience a slight decrease in responsiveness. While the decrease is not as drastic as the Original version it still may be an issue for some users.
  • Plastic sheathing around the retracted ballpoint tip (prevents the ballpoint tip from accidentally touching the screen if you press too hard)
  • Easier to change ink cartridges (simply unscrew the back side only)
  • Two new colors added (Green and Orange in addition to the standard Black, Blue and Red)


Additional Information


Single Black Pen, Single Blue Pen, Single Red Pen, Single Green Pen, Single Orange Pen, 5-Pack (Black, Blue, Red, Green & Orange)

1 review for Klick Stylus Slim – Ballpoint Pen and Touchscreen Stylus

  1. 4 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Nice! It works for the stylus on my Galaxy S5 and my Acer tablet and my girlfriends S5 and Insignia tablet. The ink refill is kind of cheap, but writes nice and doesn’t skip. I would like to see a Parker type refill in it, but for the price, no complaints.

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